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From the Angler of this fish:

"I am gald that you all liked my fish/story. I was a graet catch and incredible fight from such a small boat. Most of my swordfishing is done from larger boats, but I fish offshore (mainly livebaiting) from that boat every weekend from it and catch sailfish, dolphin, kingfish, tuna, wahoo, etc all of the time usually off Key Biscayne. I custom rigged it myself specifically for catching large fish out of a small boat. The front of the cooler turns into a fighting chair, complete with swiveling gimbal and foot rests. It has all kinds of electronics, large livewell, storage for 20 rods, etc...

Alot of you could not believe I was out that far, but the boat is extremely sea worthy even though it is not very big. I fish for sailfish during the winter in 3-5' seas (I'll take you for an experience you will never forget if you do not believe me) every weekend and will be 20 miles offshore for dolphin in the summer. I have fished offshore in small boats all my life, know my capabilities and know what I can put that boat through. Most people do not believe what I fish for or in what kind of seas I do it in untill the see my kites flying before my boat when I am out in 20mph winds."
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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