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Folks, we have completed our 2008 long range charter offerings for everyone to consider. We have reserved a limited number of charters as we wish to be conservative in reserving charters until we see the demand from the fishermen out there.
We have reserved charters from DeepSea Heaquarters in Port Aransas, Underwater Expeditions in Freeport, and Captain Tomeny in Port Fourchon Louisiana for 2008. These charters have proven to provide quality fishing experiences and we have had requests to provide options from these charter operations.
We have considered and researched other charter operations, but due to various reasons we decided to not pursue those operations.
The list of proposed charters can be found here:
Texas premier fishing trip organizer
If interested in the proposed 2008 charters, please contact Willie at T.O.O. at either (210)215-3877 or by email at [email protected]
Please note we have imposed a February 22nd, 2008 deadline for deposits to secure these trips. If we do not have enough commitments by that dates for any of the charters listed we will release those charters back to the Fishing Company.
We can offer payment plans and we can take payment over time before the charter deposit deadline, but we will have to be able to say the charter is a go or release that charter by February 22nd, 2008.
Again if you have any questons pleas contact us by phone or email and we wil be happy to answer your questions.

Texas Outdoor Organziers

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Email sent to hold 4 slots for the ;

Port Aransas, Texas-Deep Sea Headquarters
Pelican- 48 hour charter Limit 12 fishermen
1. Tuesday-Thursday November 11th-13th, 2008
Departure time 6 am, Return time 6am
Full moon on November 13th
Cost: 12 people-$495 per person plus fuel surcharge

Uncle Russ

Deposits will be sent next week.

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Oh, yes. Another trip with Louis, Steve, and Fred. It all started so innocently. There I was, peacefully sitting at a quiet Chinese buffet where I take my wife on special occasions a couple of times a year when they have their all-you-can-eat for $3.95 special. (She's a big woman!) My beloved wife was next door at the dollar store, thinking she was being extravagant maybe spending a buck apiece for plastic plates so we would have something to eat our canned goods (purchased with food stamps)off of. And I'm looking at a twelve-thousand-dollar handheld GPS in a West Marine catalog, for kayak fishing. And what happens--Louis calls, saying we need to blow the big bucks on another #%$*& tuna trip. I've been eating the stuff for so long now it tastes like Puss 'n Boots cat food and the freezer is still full of the stuff. My elderly mother has about 30 pounds of it left down at the ranch and can barely choke it down. She thinks "sashimi" means "dog droppings." And tomorrow, I will waste about 50 bucks worth of gas running down to have breakfast and drop by Cabelas with these boys and to ***** them out about forcing me to go tuna fishing. They might as well be selling weed to a dope addict.

But am I going on the trip? Oh yes. And I really don't think I'll forego the GPS unit to pay for it either. Meanwhile my wife is sitting on the couch right now, with two pathetic looking plastic plates marked "Made in China", crying softly because she is going to have to return them while I am at Cabelas. It's a long walk to the Dollar Store from here and I will have the truck, and it's pretty cold right now with the front that came in. Sometimes it makes me so sad.

Oh, yes.
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