2007 Big E 52 hour Private charters Interest?

Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by TOO, Jan 10, 2007.

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    Hi folks, we've again been asked to see if there is enough people interested in doing a 52 hour private charter on the Big E from Captain Elliott's.
    We are doing a 52 hour private charter on the Big E in 2007 and folks are asking asking to do other 52 hour private charters.
    We've reserved the dates of June 15th-17th, 2007 and July 13th-15th, 2007 with Captain Elliott's. Both of these dates are close to or basically on the new moon phase. All other open weekend dates not on a full moon are taken.
    The June 15th-17th dates have 20 people that are trying to finalize the plans to go on that charter, but right now nothing is confirmed.
    The July 13th-15th charter has 4 people right now interested in going.
    If we get enough interest we'll collect deposits and go from there. If not we'll release those dates by early February.
    Captain Elliott's was kind enough to allow us to reserve the dates in December with deposit payment being due to them soon after they open in February.
    As most people know the cost of a Big E 2007 52 hour private charter is $26,000. That comes to $650 a person. We organize these trips for $20 a person.
    As with TBB 06, the 2005 halloween trip, and Cinco tuna, we are open to suggestions of the group that wish to do the charter.
    The advantages of a private charter are knowing the folks going, having a chance to discuss fishing styles and techniques, etc, and just knowing that the group will be on the same page and have something in common.
    Options include a limited of less than 40 to allow for a little more room and so on.
    At 35 people the cost would be $763 total cost
    At 38 people the cost would be $705 total cost
    At 40 people the cost would be $670 total cost
    We can offer the option of providing meals and shirts at an additional cost as done before.
    Deposit will be $365 a person from 35 people up to 40 and the balance would be the difference between the cost of the number going and the $365 deposit. We don't see it being economically smart to go lower than 35 people unless a group says they want to do that.
    We know that the cost of an 52 hour Big E open charter is $650, but again we've been asked to see if there is enough demand for private charters with the extra costs involved.
    If you are interested, please post it and/or email us at [email protected] and let us know
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    Wow that would be an AWESOME trip for my summer, but $700:eek:
    I couldnt even afford the deposit at this point, maybe next year:rolleyes:


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    How are the bookings going I would be interested possibly 3 more
  4. tass

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    I would be interested in the july trip.
  5. TOO

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    6X, and Tass, thanks for the interest. Right now we have 11 people interested in the June charter dates. We have not asked for a deposit or anything yet, but we are in contact with those that are interested in that June charter. If the June charter is to happen we need to get things going real fast.
    For the July charter we have had no interest in that date until your post, TASS.
    Both of you feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you want to officially join the lists. Sometimes it takes just one showing interest to get the ball rolling.
    Don't worry, Captain Elliott's is not out to just take your money on either of these charters.
    The last four multi-day offshore charters we have have organized in Texas has produced the following:
    23 Yellow-fin (I think)and 38 AJ's, (January 2005)
    26 Yellowfin and 36 AJ's, (November 2005) both on a 15 fishermen Port Aransas charter.
    36 Yellowfin (October 2005),
    123 Yellowfin and one really big arse grouper (September 2006)
    Both on the Big E with 33 and 35 fishermen respectively.
    I may be off by a Y-fin or two on each charter.
    Hope to see y'all sign up.
  6. ono87

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    I am new to this forum, as well as to this type of fishing. I am very interested in the June trip. What type of gear would you suggest I bring?

    Edward Baduria
  7. ono87

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    I would like some specifics on the charter you have scheduled for June. Will it be popping and jigging trip or live bait or a combination of both types of fishing. Thanks

  8. TOO

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    Hi folks. We've gotten a couple of PM's about the two Big E charters we've reserved with Captain Elliott's.
    Here's how it stands right now. We've released the July dates with Captain Elliott's due to lack of interest.
    Captain Elliott's has allowed us until mid-April to fill this June charter. We've agreed to that condition as it is very fair of them to allow us to extend the collection of deposits until then. They have a business plan, just like we do, that folks are expected to follow. We certainly do not want to abuse or push them on that.
    In order for this charter to happen we need folks to commit to the trip. Either post up or email us at [email protected] with the number commiting to the charter.
    We'll send an email with our mailing address so we can collect deposits and secure those peoples' spots.
    Right now we are looking at these folks having an interest.
    1. JasonT
    2. JasonT
    3. JasonT
    4. JasonT
    5. ono87
    6. 6x6
    7. 6x6
    8. 6x6
    9. Tass

    If folks want to make this charter happen, it needs to get rolling. Things like how many 35, 38, 40? getting deposits in, and so on.
    Fel free to contact us at (210) 215-3877 or by email if you have any questions.
    We're just trying to get this ball rolling based on the PM's and emails we've gotten.

  9. TeamOso

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    Do you still have the July date, if so how much?
    It would be something like $200 too much as of now for my planning, but I would be interested. It could be my B-day:D

  10. SkeeterRonnie

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    Oso, post before yours says he released the July date. the june date is the one that is possible.