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    Day started out pretty slow because we had to wait for a couple of in considerate guys that showed up late ,shoved of about 2PM from the dock. Started out with a 4hr. run to a couple of rigs to do some trolling for hoos. We hooked up the long outside which was my rod unfortunately we were to close to the rig the hoo went in the rig with a 10in. crank bait and never came out. Next pass hooked up all 4 rods simultaneously we were very excited all 4 were hard pullers but when we got boat side thay we jacks:rolleyes: . More trolling but no hoos. We arived at the rig around dark and started catching black fins on jigs. The bite was on & off all night. A few of us started bottom fishing with live bait picked up 7 red snapper from 17# to 23# released all of them snapper season is closed :mad: .We caught 2 nice grouper & several sharks we also lost some nice fish to the rig.The BFT slowed down on jigs so we started to fly line Spanish sardines and did very well with this it was like mini chucking, had lots of fun with lite line most we using small bait-casting setups (700 CALLCUTA).Everyone had a good trip over 115 BFT,2 GROPER,KINGFISH,SHARKS,RED SNPER:mad: ,and as always the captan & crew did a great job.

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    Great haul for a 20 hour trip. Those calcutta 700's are one of my favorite reels. I bet you guys ended up at the "Falcon" rig. How much did that grouper you're holding weigh? That's a lot BF's. Some look to have some size to them. Any particular jig that worked best on the BF's?

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    YOu guessed right, we were at the Falcon rig.
    The blackfin were liking the smaller diamond, even those smooth lead jigs they have on the boat, small pink benthos and also the pink river 2 sea knife. then they switched to drifting small piggies, smaller I think was the key in jig selection.

    The grouper the mayor of Seminole is holding weighed about 53lbs.
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    Thats pretty cool for a 20hr, just saw this report, cool report too.
    I wouldnt mind it if they did those over the summer.

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    only reason they did it was for the customers. less profitable for them due to gas consumption.