2 speed jiggin options?

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    I am trying to help a buddy with a new jiggin reel. He is considering a BX2-500N or bx2-600N. What else is out there that competes with these reels on size, weight, quality, drag? He knows he wants two speed, semi-narrow, leight weight, and drag over 20lbs. It will be used for AJs, grouper, tuna in the gulf.

    I told him just to get the accurate but he wants to weigh all the options first.
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    Tiagra 12's??
    If he can get his hands on one have him look at these.
    I have a couple that are lighter and smaller than my Torque 300's.
    Low 2nd gear, 33lb posted drag, I set them with 20-22lb drag.

    No accurate experience for me to reference to though.


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    I have a mint accurate B2-665NN used couple time for sale. 460 shipped....