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193 Boone & Crockett

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This deer was shot by a friend in Dimmit County. The net B&C score was 193.
Notice the large drop tines. He was very excited.

Officail Points: 16(8x8)

Gross score : 196 1/8

Net score : 193 1/8

Inside spread : 22"

Drop length : 9" and 8 1/2"

He took videos of the deer while it was alive numerous times. If anyone is interested I could try to put up the 4 minute film of this fine deer before he took a bullet. He has more patients than me. I'd had a bullet in him before a video camera came out.

Main Beam: 25 1/8" and 24 1/8"

Bases: 6" and 5 5/8"


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Those are some serious drop tines!

Looks like he was an old guy (the buck, not your buddy).
What a deer. those drops are nice!!! very nice deer indeed.
I agree with you MrBill...I would have taken him before the video was taken too! That is really a beautiful animal and a trophy of a lifetime.
Nice buck! I hunted all weekend....watched the deer. The rut is almost here guys...(at least here in South Texas)....good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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