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1400lb Black

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Here's is one for you j.g. This fish was caught yesterday off the Great Barrier Reef. Someone I know's dad caught it after a battle lasting over 2 1/2 hours. He has caught 3 marlin over 1,000lbs the past two days. Look at this monster!


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Wow, I assume they greased it with the flyer in the front of the pick. That has got to be close to an australia record. Let us know if you hear on the exact weight.
Nice fish. Oct is prime time down under. Fishing off lizard island and a mothership has gotten very expensive. You also have to wait two years to get a spot. I almost went last year when a spot came open at the last minute because of an illness. I should have gone. They caught 3 granders in five days of fishing.
*** damm it this marlin is huge

any idea on the bait?

tunie? mackerel?

do you got any pix of the marlin outside the water/
No pics outside of the water. He sent me a pic of a est. 1,100lb marlin with it's head out of the water. This one really showed size. I guessed they probably killed it too with the gaff. He just said 1,400lbs. BTW, the pic of the 1,100lber had a mangled bait hanging out of its mouth. Some sort of BIG bait. My guess was a tuna.
that fish will swallow a 100# tuna and have room to spare:p
after seing so much releases it hurts to see a fish like this getting killed :(

wonder how much more he would weight next year :(
I wonder how many eggs a fish that big could drop. Then again I bet mortality is high for a fish that old.
Wow, that thing looks bigger than my first boat.
Wow what a Fish!!! I have been surfing the web about Australia marlin fishing and i think i am going to try for next fall. Of course there is a certian amount of appeal to hooking up one in the gulf. What is the largest marlin boated in the gulf ?? I've heard of 500lber's but nothing real big like that bruiser in the pic.
I believe the Texas state record for a blue marlin is 876 pounds. It was caught in the late 80s. Those Blacks in Australia get up to 2000 pounds. Rare, but it does happen.
The biggest marlin landed in the gulf was a 1054 caught out of Mississippi a few years back. Earlier this year reel peace charters released one that would have probably been bigger then but is definitely bigger now.
When I go to Three Kings Island, NZ next spring, I am interested in only broadbill swordfish, though they catch blue marlin or black marlin and biggest kind striped marlin there. :)

two nice broadbills

630 lbs broadbill
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how big are the swordies, they look like 1000 lbs +:eek:
Three Kings is paradise. Huge stripes near 400lbs, big blues, blacks, mondo yellowtail and now I see swordfish. Where do I apply as ksong's assistant? By the way, the boat those guys are on is enormous. Seas are tough there too. Spaced out but steap.
But I guess that is your style j.g.
My wife had a great report for me at dinner tonight. She ran into one of her friends today and was told about their fishing trip to Australia. Four couples spent 7 days fishing off the Great Barrier Reef fishing out of a mothership. They used two sportfishing boats each of the 7 days fishing for black marlin. They caught and released all fish. 6 were in the 900 pound range and the average black caught was around 500 pounds. They caught 21 marlin in the 7 days off the two boats. Women caught zero. Fish and tackle were to much for the women. The women spent most of the time on the mothership as the seas were very rough for a few days.

I know 3 of the guys that went on that trip. I'll try to get some more info and maybe some pics.
I would have a good time on the mothership just catching coral trout, GTs, mackerel, grouper, etc...I am still waiting to see as to how to apply as ksong's assistant.lol
I would have a good time on the mothership just catching coral trout, GTs, mackerel, grouper, etc...I am still waiting to see as to how to apply as ksong's assistant.lol
I am with you. I know my limitation.
There is absolutely no chance to land a 1400 lbs marlin on a jig. :) I'll contend with coral trout or grouper on jigs.
My friend Capt. Mark fished Hudson Canyon today and lost three big bluefin tuna. Two fish were estimated at over 300 lbs judging from the way they fought. The other fish estimated 200 lbs was lost near boatside. He said he caught the fish on a diamond jig. I've waited the whole year to get 200-300 lbs bluefin tuna on jigs and it is time to go. :) I am ready to go anytime as soon as I can find a window to get out.
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