13 hours of Non Stop fishing for Chinook Salmon on the Credit River

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  1. On Labor day we had our first major King salmon run up the Credit River just west of Toronto. In the fall from middle of Aug to October when we have decent rain, the great lakes landlocked salmon makes their annual spawning migration. This year we had little or no rain in late august. Fishing at the river mouth prior to this slaughter was productive in the early evenings and just before dawn.

    On the morning of the 4th, the river had cleared up somewhat from the rain the day before and was perfect for drift fishing. We got to the river before sunup and still there were already 3 others at the pool. It was dead quiet and we collectively drifted the pool for close to 20 mins without a single hookup or even snag while in the dark. Then when the sun came up I hooked up on a pearl bead and roe combo and landed a 10lb. Then one after the other and landed 2 by 8 am. By that time there were already over a doz guys around the pool and by days end perhaps over 20 guys. Moving around was out of the question and we ended up fishing with less than 3 ft of float distance apart. Yet with lots of patience and courtesy we endured the next 10 hours hooking and fighting fish to 20lbs on 8lb test among the crew. The landing ratio dropped dramatically as the day progressed but not the bite. Mixed in were even some coho salmon. A single floating bead was the ticket for me. Yarn and black flies also were productive but not roe. Even into the late afternoon, it was still a fish a drift and never more than 3-4 drifts and mostly in the mouth.

    The next day, it was still very respectable fishing and you had to work for the bite. Still had 3-4 hookup an hour.

    The fish appears smaller than previous years and the run was also not spectacular with lots of fish running thru the rapids. Perhaps they are moving up in the dark.

    Between Boatless fishing at the river mouth and the upstream pools, it is fishing paradise no more than 30 mins from home. Just need the fish to come to us.


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    Those are some beautiful fish. Very clean, fresh fish. Is that a little Cleo in the second picture? Love the islander reel :)
    King fishing was amazing this summer on most rivers in south/ central Alaska, kenay, matsu su and deep creek/homer area.

  3. Yes, its a green/chrome Cleo. The Cleo style spoons have been deadly especially the glow ones just at daybreak from the mouth. Up in the river, we had success with single beads, green yarn, black flies but not with roe sacks on fresh fish. Big year for our Kings and Cohos.