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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Bret, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Bret

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    Have any of yall seen the article in Sportfishing mag? the author does a test on 20lb and 50lb spectras--- all brands and discovers that for both mono and spectra, the 12 turn has the best strength of any other number of twists.. He also used the Yucatan knot to join the leader to the spectra.. according to his results, this connection worked better than reverse allbright, uni to uni and a few others... Brandon Pope was over the other day and we tied a few.. much eaiser to tie than the 20 or 40 turn biminis.. the yucatan is very easy as well. The knots are very small and slide through the guides with ease.. I will tie some more this afternoon and do a little testing of my own..

    It will be nice if this also holds true for my 80lb \trolling rigs...

  2. mcgolfer

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    i glanced at the article and i have never had an issue with the 40 turn spectre bimini an a reverse albright the 12 turn would be easier to tie but if it isn't just right i think it may have issues. bret let me know how your tests come out. i might do some testing on my stuff if i wander out to the storage building any time soon....rick

  3. Minnow

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    Interesting article, I always though 40 turn is the only way to tie bimini for spectra.
    Did you guys test the knot?
  4. Bret

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    I tested the 12 turn to yucatan knot on my kaikon. 65lb spectra to 80lb flouro.... Thumbing the spool I got 30 lbs with no failure. knots look good.. I redid the bimini's on all 5- 50 wides with 80lb to 130lb spectra and ran them at max 29-30lbs drag with no failure.. I havent done any bench testing, but they seem to hold up fine. The knot doesnt bind in the roller guides as the 20turn did in mono.. I will let you know how it does against fish after the Roundup next weekend..
  5. mcgolfer

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    thanks for the insite bret. have a great time fishing and be sure to fill us in with the details...rick
  6. Gunsmoke

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    I did the 12 turn bimini with the Yucatan on 4 setups last week. No spectra, just mono to fluro. It worked great. Never re-tied after 3 days and not one lost fish. I'm sold at this point. I even used it on 14 lb test big game mono with calcutta 400s for kingfish. One rod caught at least 20 kings without a problem. The kings were actually a problem from about 75' to 200' of water. Too many of them. The storms kept us inshore and I never want to see another king again this year. I only kept one and released about 100 over three days. Maybe weather will be good to me next weekend so I can get deep.