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As the title states, charter is scheduled for Saturday August 6th, 2022. We had great trips in Aug 2020 & 2021, and hope to do the same this year. It is a 12 hour charter. We need 5 spots filled. The 15 spots are filled with some really knowledgeable offshore dudes & dudette's from 2Cool, 360tuna, TFF & then me.

This charter is a serious offshore charter running/gunning shrimpboats for tuna and then dropping/drifting over structure etc for AJ's, snapper etc or drifting for kings if time allows. Fed season for ARS is open on this date & we'll make a quick stop out deep and put ARSX2 per person in as quick as we can. Expect 10-15 lb fish there.

This is also a fund raiser for the BAPS program supporting RRHS in San Antonio. As such each spot has a built in $15 donation to the BAPS to help their scholarship program.

Cost per person is $240 based on 20 fishermen/women. Charter cost for 2022 went up $600 for a total of $4,500 based on 20 going, so we had to increase total per person to $240 at 20 people. Charter cost=$4,500 20X $240= $4,800, $15 X 20= $300 ( fundraising amount)

We would like to keep the charter at 20 spots,but will discuss options if need be.

Same as 2020 & 2021, all money goes to DSH & BAPS, NO money goes to T.O.O.

Feel free to look over the posts from 2020 & 2021 on the TFF Offshore section, same everything except it's $240 instead of $210 due to increased charter cost & return of previous captain of KF. Out of respect of this forum, not linking to the TFF.

This will be a tuna hunting (and whatever else swims by) shrimpboat run & gun trip main focus trip if the boats are in range. They were within 3 hours the last two trips.

One other change, Captain Bradley fulfilled his contract & left the KF. Captain Marvin now is running the KF again, which is good if we bottom fish as he knows a lot of spots that Captain Bradley didn't.
Deposit of $100, due immediately, balance due July 8th, 2022 will be $140 based on 20 going.

If we have less than 20, the difference will be paid by all to get to the 20 person total of $4,800.

As it is now June 2022 and fuel prices have not come down & I don't expect prices to be below $3 gl by Aug, there will be a fuel surcharge based on 200 gals burned for fuel over $3 a gal. Not sure the cost of fuel at the dock for DSH now, but the last years we had fuel surcharge, a long time ago, it was about the same as taxed diesel so est is $2 a gal surcharge, bringing the extra to $400 or so, or $20 per spot for 20 spots. That's an estimate, I'll get a firm price by early July hopefully.

Gonna be a great trip, fast boat, good crew, knowledgeable captain and hungry tuna.

Call or text if any questions & want to discuss that way 210.215.3877

[email protected]

Thanks to those that support this fundraiser.

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I've been on this trip the last 4 yrs. It's a blast!
No need for tons of gear. dead bait is the game (although I have been known to bump a bucktail over the rocks for scamps), 1 good rod with 40# braid, some good leader, some .5-3oz eggs, and a handful of 4/0 circles.
bite is typically wide open frenzy- fun, fun, fun!!!!!

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I'm trying to work schedules so I can join this one, but haven't put it together yet. Some of you have seen me at TFF, I'm Jig Man there, the name was already taken here. Hope to make it.
Yes .... I see you over there. Due to a big username snafu several years ago I had to change to Tunatamer over there, I just bumped that thread up BTW.

I hope you can join us.

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