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Hi guys,
Sorry to post a engine question in here but i need help.
I want to buy a center console with a 2002 115 fitch on the back.
Just wandering if you fellers use these engines much down your way.
I've heard some disheartening story's about these motors and because I want to use this boat for off shore I have to make sure it wont let me down.
Any help would be awesome,
Thank you.

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Hey Gozz. I have heard the same stories. the engines that seem to have the most problems (I.E.: pwr head failure, leanout, crank- no start)
are the 98-99 OMC- built engines, and the big one was the 200hp.
I'm currently running a '00 model, Bombardier-built 175 ficht ram engine on
my 22' Hydra-Sports CC, and in 50 hrs of operation, I have had ZERO issues,
and it gets roughly 2.1-2.3 mpg. I honestly think it's a real good series of engines, just get the later-production (9/99-up) models, be diligent w/ maint.
and you should have no problems.
Beware of Ethanol based fuels!
tight lines
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