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That braid is amazing, caught a 105” bluefin, well over 700 lbs on a slow pitch ODM rod last night, was jigging bait, 4 hours later we got the fish, last night --@Jeff vantine (our customer)
Sunline Japan's #1 selling braid for good reason above tuna caught on PE5 80 test Sunline

105" 700 Lbs Tuna caught on SPJ gear (ODM Rod, Ocea Jigger 4000P, Sunline PE 5 #80)
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Amazing fish/catch and what a battle. Nuts.

Just curious, what kind of bait would he have been catching with such a heavy SPJ setup….OJ4000, 80lb braid and the leader is even crimped as if it’s even heavier stuff? Do you need to do that in case this exact scenario happens?
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