104 Pound GT

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  1. MrBill

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    This was this guy's first GT.:eek: Gt's are extremely hard fighters. If you've never caught one, you should put them on your to do list. He caught this from the lava rocks off the shoreline in Kauai, Hawaii. Great leverage using the rocks as a pivot point. Kind of sad they killed such a great fish, but Hawaiians aren't know for releasing fish. At least they eat everything they catch.
    Here's a pic and a video of the fish.

    YouTube - First Ulua 104.4 lbs Kauai

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  2. BretABaker

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    thats pretty awesome. any idea what he caught it on???

  3. rtran

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    holy mother of
    fantastic catch
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    Most Ulua caught off the rocks/cliffs/shore on Hawaii using slide baits or by swimmers/yaks taking baits out certain distance. Favored baits consists of whole Octopus (live the better) White eels (conger) Big Eye Scad.

    Ulua fishing in da islands are really meat fishing as the fish are delicious to eat. Copious fishing clubs with close to 100 rods may be line up on shore on da dunk at one time.

    GTs will come very close to shore herding mullet and goatfish and gorging on them, many beaching themselves and rather die on land than be eaten. And if you're close by with ur popping rod and favorite surface lure you have an excellent chance of hooking a bragging size fish.
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    Dis brudda will have braggin rights in his Ulua club for years to come!
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    This one was caught on bait, I could see a piece of bait hanging out of its mouth and he was using either a TLD30 or 50 and a 14' pole hahaha

    good use of rocks
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    here's some info on the setup...

    Congrats to LeeRoy and his friends.
    According to the link, The gear used was a 13' Roddy Hunter pole, Okuma reel and 40# test Ande line. 1 hr. 10 min. fight at 6am 10/24/08
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    Aewsome catch.