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10-20-22 Floater trip

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Initially planned for a Friday/Saturday trip, but as the day got closer, the big front ended up moving up and was forecasted to hit Friday night.

So we moved it up to Thursday,
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As always, crew got to the dock late so we ended up breaking the jetties at 9 am,
ran to our first spot for bottom fishing, picked up tons of baby snappers and 12” blue runners that will be very useful later on.

2nd stop about 220 ft of water. Tell the crew to drop and instantly hook up with a amberjack.
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We ended up with our (5) amberjack limit in about 45 minutes and left them biting. It was an instant hook up every time you threw a runner down

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i had wanted to try a couple more spots but since we got a late start, decided to head to the floaters and relax a little bit.
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Got there right at dusk, and we were the only ones there besides the crew boat. Made 2 or 3 drifts alternating the rig and crew boat with not a bite or surface action.
It was only 8:30 pm, so told everyone we have a solid 12 hours of fishing and settle in for a grind. ( just how I like it!)

Next drift I hooked up on a Swimbait and could immediately tell these fish were not small
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about a 15 minute fight and sunk a gaff in her!
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Over the course of the night, it was definitely a grind, we mainly fished top water lures, halcos and poppers.
We hooked up at least 4 times with frenzy fliers, but could never get it to stick.

It was definitely a grind of a night, with many drifts no bites. All the tunas were #75 class fish, weighed a few at dock with gills and guts all removed
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No morning bite to speak of, unlimited blackfin if we decided to drop a jig, and all too soon it was time to head back! Water started getting rough about 70 miles out, but we still managed to cruise back 30 mph.
All in all a good trip! Can’t wait for the next one
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Looks like you guys had a good trip!!
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Thank you for posting,good report and pictures
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Way to go, thanks for sharing!
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