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Wanted to get some lines wet so Carlos(Dig-on-Me from Breakaway) Nathan and I hit the beach. We got down to the beach aroung 11:30am, started fishing about 3 miles South from BHP. Water was brown and a lot of whitecaps. We fished till 1:30 with nothing to speak of so we moved south. Water color really improved as we went south. We had to stay North of the sticks so Carlos's cell phone could have a single(wife just got out of the hospital)
Found a good spot 1 mile North of the sticks. Found Finger Mullet in the surf. Weed was lite enough for the long rod and wasn't any trouble. Carlos caught the only red on cut Mullet in the secound bar. I lost one on live mullet.
The Gafftop bite started around 5:00pm and lasted till 6:00pm. The bite was wide open. We had four long rods out. While you casted one out the other one was getting bit. We were running from one pole to the next. My son Nathan(5 years old) was a great help, I would get the rod out of the rod holder and just let him have it. These were some of the biggest Gafftop's I have ever seen. A family from Forth Worth was down for the weekend and parked right next to us. There 9 year old son was watching us fish so I just took one of my rods that was bent over and handed it to him. His mother was so exicited for him. I think it was his first saltwater fish.
Sunday the wind blew early and we decided that we were going to head back to San Antonio and relax.
Here are some pictures...

Nathan on the HDX..

One of the Many Gafftop's

Carlos's Red

Some fish...

Sunday 9:00am and the wind..

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NIce report, kudos for giving the kid a shot at reelin one in. Reminds me of when me and piepuncher were fishin reds 3 years ago and we caught so many we were handing off to tourist walking by. You should have seen their faces when i go down and lip gaff a 25# red for them. They just about crap themselves.
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