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  1. Tackle and Rigging
    Is anybody able to post pictures showing the hook placement after they are finished re-rigging their frenzy flyers?
  2. Jigging and Popping
    So I'm pretty much a tuna noob and am hoping y'all experts could help me figure out a casting setup? I'm planning to go on the winter 360tuna group trip on the new buccaneer and GPB's site says to have a spinning combo for casting. I've been one one tuna trip on the La Pesca and had a penn 6/0...
  3. Offshore Fishing Reports
    Fished with Jose Sr and Jose Jr. ,(if you need their #, pm me) contacted them and they were ready for me Friday morning. Fishing was very good Fri, 12 yellow fin tuna, 8 Mahi-Mahi and several of what they call black tuna, we call Bonita in the GOM. Saturday we got another dozen YFT, no Mahi and...
  4. Jigging and Popping
    Here's a complete report from the latest, 100% popping and jigging group trip at the Panafishing lodge in Panama: http://www.adventureangler.net/index.php?route=information/tripreports#Pedasi%20Panama A lot more pictures from this trip and all other reports from previous groups can be found...
1-4 of 5 Results