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  1. Sold/Expired
    SOLD!!! DaHo Hollow Spectra Needle Tools/BHP Wind-On Kit. Sold!!!! Threading - 50#,60#,80#,100#,130#,150#,200# Reverse Latch - Small, Medium, Large Jerry Brown Adhesive System One - Surface Activator and Adhesive Jerry Brown - Hollow Core Spectra 200lb test - 100 yds 130lb test - 100yds One...
  2. Sold/Expired
    Hey everyone I make fresh daytime swordfishing wind-on leader with wax floss loop ready to use. 150ft 250LB I make them in Black and Hi-vis Yellow. I can do ship them to you at any location I’m also located in Miami FL or contact me on Offer up zip code 33014 Saltylife
  3. Tackle and Rigging
    Has anyone tried the serving method shown in the Tackle Direct video? It seems to work well in my tests. I have had no creep in the serve with a 12" insertion. Before I make a bunch of leaders using this method I was hoping to get some input about the pros or cons of this method. I should...