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  1. Rods and Rod Blanks
    I read various opinions on jigging rods. It sounds like it comes down to what you fish for, how you fish, where you fish, and what reel you have. I just ordered an Okuma Makaira 10000, I fish mid-shore off NJ for BFT on my own boat, and I'll be using this rod for jigging 90% of the time. I've...
  2. Offshore Fishing Reports
    Just finished up a edit from last Sunday 1-27-19 on a private boat not a charter . We jigged and threw ronz 2.5 oz and 5.5 depth hunter . We landed 36 before leading home early. Check out still shots on Instagram @artifishalsportfishing and on my YouTube with the same name. please...
1-2 of 3 Results