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  1. Sold/Expired
    Hello, Doing some clean up of items i don't use. Some are practically new and some with very light use. I can text more pictures if needed just PM me your number. Paypal FnF or Venmo and can ship for $7 USPS Priority with tracking. Lot price and individual price available below. PM me if...
  2. Sold/Expired
    Like new Sevenseas Sniper-R Kudako 540M It's a 5'4" 1 piece PE#3~#6 rated jigging rod for a max of 300g jigs, 200g is ideal. This a Matusani made rod when he was at Sevenseas. Rod is like new. No rust on guides, no cracks, hardly fished. Comes with Sevenseas Rod sock. I used it once for some...
  3. Tackle and Rigging
    Anyone have any luck with tuna on Rapala's long cast sinking stick bait?
  4. Fishing Reports
    “Go big, or go home” will be the theme – or the red thread – of this report, as I think the phrase captures the essence of what fishing for Giant Trevally (”GT”) in Southern Oman (”SO”) is all about. If you come to SO to catch many GTs, you are likely to return disappointed. On the other hand...