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  1. Tackle and Rigging
    I'm considering spooling up my hollow core braid reels with various colors of hollow core line. I'm thinking of doing the last 3-400' feet in three or four different colors of 100' lengths. This would allow me to easily identify how deep I am when jigging. As an example I would have 500 yards of...
  2. Tackle and Rigging
    Im currently spooling a Talica 12. As many, trying to fit as much braid as possible, while fishing as light as possible. I have this idea... If Hollow braid (lets say a JB #80) can create almost a 100% connection from the hollow to the topshot (lest say an 80lb Momoi), but around 25% capacity...
  3. Tackle and Rigging
    This weekend I spent Sunday afternoon spooling my (4) 50W with JB Spectra and Momoi TopShot. I purchased the Line from Basil at BHP. I cant say enough about how helpful Basil was. He had all (4) Spectra runs on the same spool with a splice loop on each as well as the TopShots pre-done with a...
1-3 of 3 Results