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  1. Kayak Fishing
    Don't know how many of you tried slow/light jigging for catfish, from a kayak, in the middle of a city :) I tell you it's lot of fun, especially when other fish shut down. At 14lbs on the scale this is an upper-average size for the Potomac, the largest I've caught was in the low 30s. I can't...
  2. Offshore Fishing Reports
    What can I say this is another one for the books. I must say thanks to all our sponsors http://www.yankeecapts.com , http://www.h4ljigs.com , http://www.tacklenow.com , http://www.strikertackle.com , suarez liquors at 799 West 29 St, Hialeah, FL ,Victor Colon of Island Girl EVSM Prints, and...
  3. Offshore Fishing Reports
    Most will tell you to avoid fishing around the full moon. Well, I guess I let that go in one ear and out the other, because I was boarding the famous Yankee Capts out of Key West, FL for a 2 day fishing excursion. I wasn't going to let a little thing like a full moon get in the way.....lol, well...
1-3 of 6 Results