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seven seas

  1. Sold/Expired
    Like new Sevenseas Sniper-R Kudako 540M It's a 5'4" 1 piece PE#3~#6 rated jigging rod for a max of 300g jigs, 200g is ideal. This a Matusani made rod when he was at Sevenseas. Rod is like new. No rust on guides, no cracks, hardly fished. Comes with Sevenseas Rod sock. I used it once for some...
  2. Sold/Expired
    Hi, I'm looking to trade Seven Seas Black Diamond Kihoku Tuna CustomPE5-6 Swimbait rod max lure 70g but I used it to cast Halco Max 130 and Yozuri Sahimi Bull just fine. Also have a Valley Hill exploder Deep Quaker 53XS pe5-8 rod and Smith AMJ 52Ex JPR custom acid. Avet HXJ raptor in black for...