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  1. Buy, Sell, and Trade
    Heyo Guys, I’m looking for either one of the 3 reels above. I would love to find a 2020 10k/14k Saragosa or even the older models. Any Expedition Saltigas 5500H or any really. Any 10k or 14k Stellas. They been hard to find with good pricing since everyone sells them overpriced everywhere I’ve...
  2. Buy, Sell, and Trade
    Hi, My first post ever, sorry it had to be this way... Joined this forum a while ago to learn about and get ready to fish my first ever deepwater tuna trip. Researched a lot on the forum on the reel type for Texas YFT and read some rad reviews on the Saragosa. So tried my luck during the...
  3. Jigging and Popping
    Hi all, Looking for thoughts on the new Shimano Saragosa SWA vs a new 2020 Stella. Besides the obvious price difference which is not a major factor in my decision. Is there any reason to step up to the Stella, I’ve had numerous Saragosa’s they have all been solid work horses. I’m torn...
  4. Sold/Expired
    Anybody looking to offload either a TP or Gosa in the 10k-14k? Please let me know! Thanks in advance!
  5. Reels
    Good night fishermen!! Any info on aftermarket spools for Saragosa 8000sw? I'm on a trip for Bahía Solano/Colombia to target cuberas, tuna and rooster and would like any info on spare spools for Saragosa 8000sw that gives me little extra drag and line capacity. Is Saragosa 8000Sw spool...
  6. Sold/Expired
    I am turning over my spinning reels between seasons. All Shimano, most are previously used but in great operating condition and spooled with braid. Original boxes included (except Stella 8k SW). Shipping will be $12 total whether you want just one 1 or multiple reels. Payment via Paypal, Venmo...
  7. Sold/Expired
    Just like the title says looking for new or lightly used reel for one of my stickbait/popping rods. PM me what you got! Thanks, Lance
  8. Sold/Expired
    Getting into more offshore fishing and thinking about trading or selling my unused inshore equipment to fund offshore gear. I have a like new, never used, Sustain FG 3000 that I would like to trade for a 10k Saragosa in like new or great condition. I purchased and put this on a new rod...
  9. Sold/Expired
    Want to sell my saragosa 8000 spare spool. Got it from shimano website Brand new, asking 70 shipped. Pics coming soon