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  1. Tuna injection machine.jpg

    BNT Machinery is a Tuna Injection Machine company that provides tuna fish injector machines for the food industry around the world
  2. Jigging and Popping
    Hi all, Looking for thoughts on the new Shimano Saragosa SWA vs a new 2020 Stella. Besides the obvious price difference which is not a major factor in my decision. Is there any reason to step up to the Stella, I’ve had numerous Saragosa’s they have all been solid work horses. I’m torn...
  3. Reels
    Good night fishermen!! Any info on aftermarket spools for Saragosa 8000sw? I'm on a trip for Bahía Solano/Colombia to target cuberas, tuna and rooster and would like any info on spare spools for Saragosa 8000sw that gives me little extra drag and line capacity. Is Saragosa 8000Sw spool...
1-4 of 11 Results