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  1. Tackle and Rigging
    Hi All, I would really appreciate your help with my confusion. I recently purchased a Daiwa Saltist SLTT804XHFS BF 2.44m 50 to 130 g travel rod and have a bit of confusion with the writing on the blank. On the blank, it reads a reccommended line rating of PE 4/5 which I found to be braided...
  2. Tackle and Rigging
    New member here. I have a bunch of reels I seldom use and looking to downsize but keep what would be necessary for a 7-10 day Island trip I hope to take in the future. I fish charter boats out of San Diego, 2-4 day trips and go to Palmas de Cortez every couple years. I have added a some AVET...
1-2 of 3 Results