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  1. Tackle and Rigging
    Hello everyone, I am planing to buy a new reel, and I would like to hear from you guys what could be a good option. I will write down some ideas about what I like so you can have a better idea in what I can go for. 1- I live in Texas, went fishing for tuna of the rigs 100 to 150 miles from...
  2. Jigging and Popping
    Hi Everybody my family and I are moving to Jakarta on a temporarily basis(4-5years) and since I am an avid angler I want to get myself a rod and reel suitable for the fish in Indonesian waters. I wont be goin out with professional charters all too much (i guess the only ones in Indonesia are on...
  3. Tackle and Rigging
    I understand that under the rules of Tuna 360 a new member is not allow to sell any item in the "Sell, Buy" section/forum. My question is if its allow to post tackle for sale on another forum of Tuna 360? Thanks.
  4. Reels
    Hi am wondering if anyone runs either of these reels with a pe 10 setup, daiwa states they hold 300m of pe 8 however I have read on taslines website (the brand of braid I plan on getting) that people have fit 370m of pe 8 on these reels, wondering if I can fit 300m of pe10, haven't managed to...
  5. FXG's Jigging Collection
    To celebrate FXG's 6th month of operation, we are offering a 20% discount on our selection of Jigging Master Reels until September 15th!! Just use the discount code "6month" when checking out (Please note the code is cap-sensitive). Our adjusted prices for the JM reels are: Jigging Master...
  6. FXG's Jigging Collection
    Hey Y'all, FXG will be doing another shipment of Jigging Master products soon, once a few more of our inventory is sold. What products would you like in the next order? We are looking for feedback in terms of general product interest, and if anybody would like anything specifically. In addition...
  7. Jigging and Popping
    Hey Y'all, Just wanted to start off by saying that this is no means an advertisement or any of that nonsense. Just wanted to share a nice opportunity to snag some tackle (who doesn't like new gear?). Anyway, I noticed that this company I had bought from was having a 5% discount on Jigging...
  8. Reels
    Hey guys, Was wondering if anybody had any feedback on the PE II VS. PE3. Is there any difference in the reels besides the handle and smaller reel?
1-8 of 10 Results