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  1. Lure Building
    Hey everyone. Been working on some more lures. Thought id post some pics. Water testing was really promising ( pics soon ). Just thought id see what people think. The pushers were just made for a laugh and a bit of fun. Works out they have a sick action and catch fish. They were made from...
  2. Lure Building
    Started making my own lures. But after some tips on how to do solid colours and add eyes to them. couple of lures I have made so far
  3. Tackle and Rigging
    Its been a few years since people have posted about home made lures, I have just started making a couple for myself, interested in. How people are making theirs How they do there inserts. Supplies ( skirts - paua ) Resins and Molds used. Ive made a few now they worked well on the school blue...
1-3 of 7 Results