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    Up for sale are some brand-new top quality Japanese center-weighted jigs. Listed from left to right: 1. Shout Flash 250g 2. Shout Strobe 340g 3. GL Atelier Glow 270g 4. Lamble Bait Half Pitch Haoli 280g 5. Fishing Labs DeepLiner 300g 6. Seven Seas Revolver 300g 7. FCL Labo MSL 320g 8. CB One...
  2. Sold/Expired
    SOLD!!!! 8 Slightly Used Japanese Jigs - priced to move! SOLD!!!! List from top to bottom in pic: 1. CB One Quick Zero 300 - glow 2. CB One Quick Zero 350 - glow 3. Deep Liner Jig - 240g 4. Lamble Bait Haoli - 200g 5. CB One c1 200g 6. CB One C1 200g 7. I forgot, but 100% Japanese jig...
  3. Sold/Expired
    I have excess stuff and want to unload some. Prices are as follows: - Heru Bobara stickbait 100g $30 - OTI heavy jigs 4 x 450g $12 per jig This lot has been snapped up: - Pink Siren Bad Mon 250 (floater) $75 ( sold) - Orange Siren Bad Mon 250...
  4. Sold/Expired
    I have some extra horus jigs realized i overstocked myself with them. Amazing jigs with an amazing finish hand made jigs.All of them glow in the dark. Available 5 LEFT 2 240G 3 200G colors are available in thumbnails 85$ plus shipping Colors available