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  1. FXG's Jigging Collection
    Hey Y'all, To celebrate the kickoff of summer, FXG International will be offering a 12% discount on all Jigging Master Rods and Reels. These are the cheapest prices around! Just use the Discount Code "Summer" Updated Prices are listed below! JM Power Spell II $536.80 JM Power Spell 3 $536.80...
  2. FXG's Jigging Collection
    The new website is up and running. Check us out at www.fxginternational.com Don't forget to use the code "360" to get 10% off all Jigging Master Products!
  3. FXG's Jigging Collection
    Hey all, We've noticed that a few people would like to order combos and/or large orders of Jigging Master Products. We offer special discounts on combos (Rod & Reel bought together), and bulk orders (more than 2 rods and/or reels). Shoot us an email and we can tell you what the discount is. This...
  4. FXG's Jigging Collection
    We went to Islamorada, Florida to test some more gears. For florida, the weather was incredibly bad (20 knot winds and 6-8 foot seas). We even almost had a man overboard. The fishing, however, did not disappoint. A nice 35 lb AJ on the first drop, and many more to come! After about 4 hours of...
  5. Sponsor Market Place
    No need to repost the entire thread so just go to http://360tuna.com/threads/10-off-jigging-master-products.46500/#post-499443 to get the 10% discount. We are slowly running low on Jigging Master Saber Games, both conventional and spiral. These rods are amazing for light jigging, and come at an...
  6. FXG's Jigging Collection
    FXG International is officially a 360Tuna sponsor! To celebrate our new partnership, we are offering a 10% discount on all Jigging Master products for a limited time. Just use the discount code "360" when checking out! We are also now taking international orders, just shoot us an email to...
  7. Sold/Expired
    Hey Y'all, Unfortunately the motor to my skiff broke so I need to sell off some gear. The Jigging Master PE4 is 9.5/10, been used maybe 10 times. The rods however, are brand new. Literally have never been used before.They still have the casing on them and were bought from...
  8. Jigging and Popping
    Hey Y'all, Just wanted to start off by saying that this is no means an advertisement or any of that nonsense. Just wanted to share a nice opportunity to snag some tackle (who doesn't like new gear?). Anyway, I noticed that this company I had bought from was having a 5% discount on Jigging...
  9. Sold/Expired
    Selling my barely used Jigging Master Power Spell PE8 reel. Box, reel clamp all included. Been on a boat once. Hasn't caught a tuna yet. You might have better luck. Just sitting on my shelf. 10/10 for reel. Asking $625 shipped to lower 48. PM for more images or details.
  10. Reels
    Anyone know if you could clip on a fighting harness onto a Jigging Master PE8?
  11. Jigging and Popping
    Hey guys, I remember that a long time ago terminator tackle would sell a rod and reel combo together for a discounted price. Is there any place that still does this. Looking to buy a jigging master pe3 and Saber game. Thanks, Marv
  12. Sold/Expired
    Hey guys, Looking to sell my Jigging Master Black/silver PE4 reel and Jigging Master Wiki Jigging UL. Reel is spooled and both are basically brand new. Literally bought them from www.fxginternational.com 2 weeks ago.. so.. not much wear on them at all. Sorry photos are pretty bad. Phone's camera...
  13. Reels
    Hey guys, Was wondering if anybody had any feedback on the PE II VS. PE3. Is there any difference in the reels besides the handle and smaller reel?
  14. Rods and Rod Blanks
    Looking to buy this rod in the US but can't find any vendors.
  15. Kilsong's Jigging World
    Does anyone know where I can find this rod here in the states? Not looking to drop a fortune on international shipping costs or wait week just to get my rod. Thanks!
  16. Rods and Rod Blanks
    Hey y'all. New member to 360tuna here. I'm a huge fan of jigging off 100 feet reefs and was thinking of buying a Jigging Master Saber Game Pink (Spiral Guide Version) Anybody got feedback on the rod? I was looking at where to buy it in the U.S. and stumbled upon this site...