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  1. FXG's Jigging Collection
    FXG has recently received a new shipment of Jigging Master products, and we have increased our offerings by 500%! We are offering a 10% discount on all products for the next two weeks to 360 members. The discount code is "Summer2017" (Cap-Sensitive). Check us out at www.fxginternational.com...
  2. FXG's Jigging Collection
    Hey All, FXG International has just received another shipment of Jigging Master products. We are incredibly happy to have increased our product offering 500%, offering some of Jigging Master's newest products. All new products are below in bold, and there are discounts on our site. Check us out...
  3. FXG's Jigging Collection
    FXG is happy to announce that we will be ordering another shipment of Jigging Master products in the next three weeks. We would be incredibly happy to hear any feedback that you may have on products you have purchased thus far, and any products that you would like to see stocked. We are also...
  4. FXG's Jigging Collection
    Hey Y'all, For the holidays, we are offering large discounts on our remaining products. We are offering 20% Off every rod and reel, just use the discount code "Discount" when checking out. Note that the code is cap-sensitive, and should be inputted without the quotation marks For the Ocean...
  5. FXG's Jigging Collection
    Hey Y'all, FXG will be doing another shipment of Jigging Master products soon, once a few more of our inventory is sold. What products would you like in the next order? We are looking for feedback in terms of general product interest, and if anybody would like anything specifically. In addition...
  6. FXG's Jigging Collection
    The new website is up and running. Check us out at www.fxginternational.com Don't forget to use the code "360" to get 10% off all Jigging Master Products!
1-6 of 9 Results