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  1. Reels
    Question for those in the know: how do these two manufacturers treat warranty for their top-end reels? Anyone have any negative experiences? Also, if buying from EBay—does it matter who I purchase from so long as reel is new? There are good deals from individuals and Japanese stores alike and...
  2. Tackle and Rigging
    Hi All, I would really appreciate your help with my confusion. I recently purchased a Daiwa Saltist SLTT804XHFS BF 2.44m 50 to 130 g travel rod and have a bit of confusion with the writing on the blank. On the blank, it reads a reccommended line rating of PE 4/5 which I found to be braided...
  3. Reels
    Received the Certate SW 18000H today . Spooled with pe8 varivas . Smooth as butter. I’ll post a review after I hook a yft or big king fish. Will be used for popping . Fit and finish seems solid. Drag clicker is Loud, Drag knob is large as well.
  4. Reels
    Stellas and older saltigas have a long list of accessories for spools/knobs/arms from numerous brands like livre, SOM etc. to completely customize for style and use cases Has anyone came across some good upgrades for 2020 saltigas besides the SLP works ball knobs and colorswapped arms? It is a...
  5. Reels
    Hi am wondering if anyone runs either of these reels with a pe 10 setup, daiwa states they hold 300m of pe 8 however I have read on taslines website (the brand of braid I plan on getting) that people have fit 370m of pe 8 on these reels, wondering if I can fit 300m of pe10, haven't managed to...
  6. Tackle and Rigging
    Im currently spooling a Talica 12. As many, trying to fit as much braid as possible, while fishing as light as possible. I have this idea... If Hollow braid (lets say a JB #80) can create almost a 100% connection from the hollow to the topshot (lest say an 80lb Momoi), but around 25% capacity...
1-6 of 30 Results