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  1. Reels
    Hi am wondering if anyone runs either of these reels with a pe 10 setup, daiwa states they hold 300m of pe 8 however I have read on taslines website (the brand of braid I plan on getting) that people have fit 370m of pe 8 on these reels, wondering if I can fit 300m of pe10, haven't managed to...
  2. Tackle and Rigging
    Does anyone spool up and fish with 20 or 30ld hollow core? I'm considering buying a small reel (like a saltiga star drag 20) and spooling up 20 or 30lb hollow core line. I would be using loop to loop connections for my 20 and 30lb fluorocarbon leaders. I'm trying to use the smallest reel...
  3. Reels
    Im going to buy a couple because they are light weight and a breeze to handle. Im a bit concerned about the capacity compared to a 50wide. I like 130 hollow braid on my 50wides-1200 yards plus topshot, but am concerned on the Talicas.Im thinking about stacking the braid-300 yards of 60-80lb...
1-3 of 6 Results