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  1. Fish Species and Techniques
    i have a question. is new shimano saragosa 8000h or daiwa bg mq 10000 with pe3.(i estimate that i can put around 400m of braid on them) enough to land 20-30kg bluefin tuna from shore. rod wil probably be the new savage gear sgs6 60-150g
  2. Tackle and Rigging
    After 16 years on the ocean, 6 as a mate and 2 as a mate on a tuna charter boat, I decided to start thinking about a career on land so I can start buying my own gear and boat. Learning everything I can and picking up experience is the goal for now. I just want to hear about what you guys are...
  3. Charter Boat & Party Boat
    Hi everyone, Let me introduce my charter boat in Med for fishing bluefin tuna. Do not hesited to come and fish with us in France. Martigues in south of France is the place to be for huge bluefin tuna. See you soon David IGFA Capt-Guide https://www.xiphias-biggamefishing.fr/
  4. Tackle and Rigging
    I spooled my JM PE8 reel with 100# Diawa Boat Braid with an FG Knot connection to 130# Seagaur Fluoro leader. Question is, what knot would you use to connect the leader to the power swivel. The jig is attached to a power split ring (No. 8), which is attached to the power swivel (No. 4). I'm...
1-4 of 4 Results