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  1. Rod Building
    Building a light jigging rod mainly for Texas Coast for Red Snapper, but also for whatever else I can manage on the rod. Blackfin, small yellowfin, cobia, tropical destinations, etc. Blank is Black Hole Cape Cod Special Jigging 150 g 2 piece (not SPJ). Decided for 2 piece for easier transport...
  2. Rods and Rod Blanks
    Looking for a light “multi-purpose” “jigging” rod to cover a range of fishing I do. (yes, I realize it will be a compromise). Will probably build, but not opposed to a finished rod. I’ve poured over many many posts here and other forums. Most of my fishing opportunities are offshore Texas for...
  3. Rods and Rod Blanks
    Hi there , has anybody got any info about/tests between BH CC jiging rods compared to their new Boca Serie ?
  4. Charter Boat & Party Boat
    This is a really late report. Apologies for not posting this earlier. Fished two days w/Capt Eddie Burger and one Day w/Billy Wells. Tuna caught on chunk on Black Hole 250g. Sweet rod very forgiving and powerful. The scamp groupers in Venice like jigs. Jig caught tuna! Jigged up this...
1-4 of 12 Results