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    1. bluedude
      I'm interested in buying a Kaha 300 but your US website doesn't have much information. I haven't been able to fish the last 2 years and I'm not too familiar with Synit, but all I need is a factory rod and I think I've read that you do make some factory rods. I need a rod by the end of July. Is that possible? How do I go about ordering a rod? Thanks.
    2. ioannis
      Hello,I need to buy a jigging rod for fishing from 60m to 120m with 180-250gr jigs and i have found a factory v250ft venom.Is it a good buy or i should buy a newer rod like deepshot or kaha.I live in Europe and own some jm evolution titanium and smith amj rod.It s going to be my first synit,thanks!
    3. SynitUsa
      Hey KMitchell,

      I do carry the deepshots, along with venoms, banshees, surface zones and Topshots :) the blanks are not done in assorted colors from the factory, the builders are doing them as they go as its a step in the building process.

      As far as a 350 for Florida I think it will be a good choice, as you will be able to pull a decent size fish up with that weight rod
    4. KMitchell
      Quick question, why arent you carrying the deepshot synits? Also they're making the blanks in assorted colors, or you dye per customer request?

      I want to do a 350 spinner DS or V --- I'm not sure. I will be using in Florida Atlantic waters for grouper.

      I think I will go with icmnsg guides, I've been admiring Sliverking79's work and the triangle window alps reelseat on his deepshot gunsmoke.

      Pretty sure about the blank and guides, grips (hypalon)?maybe.

      Thats about as far as I've gotten.
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