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    1. Mpro2
      Hey Eric, just wondering if you had seen my post about buying an inexpensive popping rod? I thought that you might have some good ideas on this? Is your cell still #972-689-4245? I wouldn't mind a text or call sometime for advice on this, thank you Sir!
    2. Denis quesnel
      Denis quesnel
      You hear from that tackle store or anyone using my lures please just checking up with you I’m headed out tomorrow for my annual weeks fishing myself
    3. Denis quesnel
      Denis quesnel
      Has anyone there been using my jigs from last year this year sounds like it’s too deep we’re you fish
    4. Denis quesnel
      Denis quesnel
      You didn’t bottom fish at all with the jig ?how did you do withmy Jig I’m just curious and if good work colors
    5. Denis quesnel
      Denis quesnel
      Is the weather a problem on your trip ? If so will you reschedule
    6. Denis quesnel
      Denis quesnel
      Sorry for the bad spelling I’m driving and using voice lol I had been with my last lure in like50 stores I’d like just to pick a few to work with if that store you use is a good guy it would be the only one I used your are
    7. Denis quesnel
      Denis quesnel
      Good morning seems like that one tackle store says a lot of stuff I don’t like someone to tackle stores it makes work for me but that guy sees that using the Lors if you know him mention I could hook up with him please
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