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May 8, 2013
May 3, 2010
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May 8, 2013
    1. txwoody
      e: Big c

      If there is anything I can do to help w/ your business please feel free to call.
      512 589 6523
    2. angryangler
      Do I get my free entry prize lure?

      Jeff DeStefano
      907 Lakeshore Drive
      Apt. 204
      Lake Park, FL 33403

      [email][email protected][/email]

      I really appreciate your support and hope this becomes an Annual thing. I'd like a YF (yellow) color in the 3X802 2 oz casting lure.


    3. Reel Stamas
      Reel Stamas
      Got the Baits... Thanks again, as they look great... I removing my posted Pics of the damaged 2x Jigs, as given your explanation the fault was w/my choice of the wrong hook for my targeted species... Hopefully the 'net effect' of all this will be more 'eyeballs' loking @ Ron-Z lures & more sales... Thanks a bunch & hopefully I'l have some cool pics (if we get any fish this year)
    4. Reel Stamas
      Reel Stamas
      That's really nice of you & I'll certainly give them a try (I did catch the fish & didn't mean to imply I lost a fish due to your baits)... I like BRIGHT Colors (esp. Orange, Hot Pink, Chartreuse, etc.)- I'm happy to pay Shipping or Cost or whatever... My PP is- [email][email protected][/email]
      John Laubenthal
      5809 N. Lagoon Dr.
      Panama City Beach, FL. 32408
    5. Tuna Loco
      Tuna Loco
      Great news. It must be exciting to experiment and innovate new products. Really gets the creative juices flowing.
    6. TPG
      I'll be at RI and probably Mass Bass, you doing both?
    7. TPG
      neat stuff! you should send Pete G one so I have an excuse to hit the shop and fondle it! ;)
    8. Tidetraveller
      Sounds great! Thanks. Can I pay pal you?
    9. Gotland
      Hi Ron,
      Im from Norway and here we even hunt for whales (one certain species not so big 3000lb of meat but very tasty) its very sritctly rules and licenses very few boats that are allowed to hunt them.
      Im not a hunter myself but I can always ask someone that is. Im not sure if there is a seal limit but I know there is a season and your not allowed to hunt them in the spring while there feeding there pups. Here they are doing the "tourist" hunt in september-oktober.

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