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    1. Joshua thorpe
      Joshua thorpe
      I am curious if you still have the shimano tescata tss70xl
    2. reel anxious
      reel anxious
      Thank you for your reply. Paul
    3. reel anxious
      reel anxious
      Sir, I see you post about Torsa reels. I have a torsa 16 with 80# metered braid. Used twice. As new in box w papers. What would be the highest price I could realistically ask for. Love the reel but have too much gear and getting older meaning me.
      I would appreciate your opinion on this matter.
      Thank you, Paul
      1. Reel Stamas
        Reel Stamas
        They sell for as little as ~$350 to ~$550, so I guess you could ask $600 if you wanted to price it high...
        Nov 1, 2017
    4. Ron Z
      Ron Z
      I got some 3Xstrong 7/0 cobia special baits for you justb send me a ship adress on my site, will send NC , sorry about your lost fish, give these a try have done fish up to 100lbs on them they should handle any cobia out there, let me know what your favorite colors are too.
    5. spiderhitch
      What you got looking for a 18000 or 20000
    6. The Great PF
      The Great PF

      I have a question for you: Your location is PCB, so am I to assume that means Panama City Beach? My wife and I have to drive to visit her mother in Deland, FL late February, and we're thinking about taking the scenic route and coming through PC, etc. Is there anything worth our time to stop and visit and/or place to eat??

      I appreciate the help.
    7. lite-liner
      great deal, as usual.
      deal with confidence
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