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    1. DenisB

      how does the prosthesis hand operate the spool with thumb control for casting a baitcaster ???
      or is it the other hand holding the rod playing a fish etc.

      I have a close friend who did some work on fishing gear for disabled anglers ( but many years ago).
      He might be able to help , but will need some very specific info on the level of disability in the arm/hand in question & the stability of the prosthesis.
      Maybe a pic of the prosthesis & its attachment to the arm will give more insight
      My email is :-
      [email][email protected][/email]
    2. bay bruiser
      bay bruiser
      Been fishing the Horn Island wharf first light on the weekends, very cool to watch Jewies, Baras Macs and Baracouttas smashing the sardines up against the rocks that form the wharf road. Caught a nice spanish which went about 25-30 lb my first trip as well as countles ssmall GT,s a small bara ( my first) and a coutta, also ha d a trip out on a mates boat where we snorkelled up some crays,
      I have brought shares in A little 4.3 qunitrex witha suz 30 2 stroke, just lines up a chart plotter and Epirb with my tax refund, so hope to get out amongts it all soon. i hear the locals catch a few football sized YFT and BFT behind Prince of Wales Island so Dec will be the chance to give that a whirl.
      Hope ya well and snagging a few
    3. bay bruiser
      bay bruiser
      Gidday Ian, well if this is winter than I am loving it.... work has extended my contract out to the 31st of Janurary, really looking forward to Dec when the wind backs off and we get some mirror calm days. The Iisland is small and reasonably sheltered, I have flown out to Murray Island so far which is stunning, the locals catch YFT and BFT off the beach ecah year when they come in chasing the sardines which are thick on the waters edge, got some neat photos of sharks 3 feet from the waters edge smashing sardines when I was there. Off out to Darnley Island on Thursday for an overnighter with rod and reel for after work of course, the Warraber Island for the day on Monday to do another clinic, so as far as getting to see a bit i am privilladged.
    4. red hunter
      red hunter
      Well jig rods you have , unsure of the Kilwell live fibre , the ones I have seen over here do not impress me at all , in saying that it would not be a problem for a builder to strip and re guide for spin , Ian
    5. bay bruiser
      bay bruiser
      I have a synit topshot P.E 10 with 18000SW, Kojack custom 350 with Ocea 4000 Talica 16II on a zenaq monster buster, a 8 kilo, 15 kilo and 2 24 kilo sets back home, all game sets are Kilwells so its kind of hard to not justify going and getting them if I get the chance to hang around up there??? I,m reluctant to buy new gear again given the hit I would take on selling them all, plus I have to shoot hoem at some stage to catch up with the whanau :)
      The live fibre is a 8-10 millenium twill weave rod that has a black magic avet on it for snapper, I was its 7 foot so was thinking that changing it to spin would allow greater flkexability for some lite line stuff and I could put the little catalina 4000 on it ?
    6. bay bruiser
      bay bruiser
      Hi Ian, I unfortunately was unsuccesful in getting the cooktown job, which is a real bummer as it sounds pretty similar to paihia where I hailed from and the work was the same. I will continue to apply for anything up on the cape as it's where i wanna be.
      I brought a little Catalina 4000 out of Japan as it was dirt cheap [email protected] price from, and a wilson 4-8 kilo rod to flick some lures about on, but as yet I have has no success. On holiday in Townsville at the mo and have been throwing some small lures at the weir just down the road.
      I was really hoping to get the opportunity to fish with you, and learning as much as i can, Ozzies have lure fishing sorted compared to us kiwis with our bait mentality, I fished with some blokes back in NZ who where chasing billfish on fly and there abillity to catch anything on tiny lures opened my eyes.... and hence my desire to learn some of your tricks. I hope ya well. I will keep in touch
      Cheers jason
    7. Stumblefish
      For lures? i'm working on stuff some of them are going round and round as we speak. the wheels are turning.
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