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    1. NJPETE
      Paul, I'm looking for a party boat tuna jig stick around 7'. I like the action of the 350g 5'2 BH Cape Cod Special. Is there a similar rod in 7' or can you get that rod in a 7' blank? Let me know. Thanks
    2. KyleS
      Hello Paul,
      I spoke with you this morning about a Gusa blank & had a few more questions. Will you reach out to me @ (706)681-4355 as soon as u can? Thanks for your help!
    3. north coast
      north coast
      Hi Paul,
      Are the 150 g spinal blanks the blue ones?
      1. paul708
        I do have a black one, not sure what G
        Jul 22, 2016
    4. Trident 13
      Trident 13
      Was wondering if sale still on? Just got a oj 4000p was wondering what would match that rod ,jigging nj waters
      1. paul708
        the 400 would nmatch the 4000
        Jul 22, 2016
    5. elsyd
      Hi there Paul
      I live in Darwin Australia and I do a lot of Landbased rock work so a 8 foot plus rod that is two piece is an advantage, most of my metals range between 80grams to 120grams would love an overhead outfit cosmetics I like the split butt look colored blanks an chevron wraps? Do you have previous builds that I can look at? But before we get carried away I only pay by international bank transfer this is how I deal with Plat in japan tackle direct/ addictive angler in the states.
      Cheers syd
      1. paul708
        JPR RODS
        most rods pictured there are customers
        also jpr rods on facebook,,some nice videos
        Jul 22, 2016
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