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    1. Al Mud
      Al Mud
      Hello Mr. Song,
      Any openings on a trip to Icy Bay Lodge this year?
    2. edgarz
      Hello Kil,

      I've been wanting to get a Black Hole Cape Cod Special 250g spinning rod but the problem is I live in the Philippines and shipping from the US costs an arm. Would you be so kind enough to direct me to a Korean supplier who might be able to sell me one? Shipping surely won't be too high.

      Thanks and more power,
    3. jerome
      Hi Kil,

      I hope you are fine, it read you go to oman, leave me some GT i will be at noboundaries, 10 days after you for 6 days fishing.
      Two years ago, i didn't catch a lot of GT there, but each cast you may hook a life time GT.
      Don't hesitate to take risk and cast very close to the rocks,where the sea is foaming, and heavy drag is not always the ticket, i caught a 56K on varivas PE6 with 10 Kg drag.

      Try also when you travel from the lodge to the islands to fish in openwater, around the big sardines ball if you meet it, a friend of mine, catch a 63 KG like this on a popper, and there is always huge fishs under those balls.

      Send me a message after your trip.

      Best regards

    4. ching chong
    5. bowguide
      Hey Kil Check out this thread under jigging and popping I think Courtlands video is gonna sell some magic eye rods
      Just got a Stella 10K and need to find a rod for popping...
    6. Ron Z
      Ron Z
      Good evening bite off chatem 80ft now for the last 2wks, tuna caught each evning, we've been keeping it quite. Almost a sure hook up.
    7. explorer
      Hi KSong
      I need you advise about the Daiwa Saltiga 30L. Do you think its good enough for 50-60lbs Tuna? Will 330yards of 55lbs Daiwa Boat Braid fit in it? As a Lefty leave me not much choice and JM reels are a bit too Steep for me now. What do you think? 30L or save up more $$$ and get JM reels?
    8. Archman
      Hi Ksong
      I was wondering if Black Hole has a distributor in South Africa?
    9. artur
      Hi Mr. Kil my name is Arturo i bought tackle on your shop, i really liked. I want to buy you a TERMINATOR JM II in casting but i see that you dont have it anymore. If you have it, please let me know, because i really reallly want this rod..
    10. co-hany
      I have a JM PE7 reel and I planning to buy another jigging reel, any one tried the mute docking PE and is there a major difference between the normal PE5 and the mute one?
      Advice will be appreciated
    11. cedarsfinest
      Kil, any word on power handles for talica 20ii yet?
    13. fortuna
      Kil, I spoke with you earlier today to join you on the trip to Socorro---believe me I've fished enough around the world to agree that this will be the most exciting jigging/popping trip possible! Please, give me the exact dates of the trip so I can schedule my days off ASAP--my staff needs to know soon! I'm very excited to fish with you not only because of your knowledge and open mind, but also because you and I are of similar age so share the need to be efficient when targeting fish that can hurt us!! Mike "Fortuna" Kenfield
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