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    1. tambans
      hi john! any idea how heavy is the accurate boss fury 500n? i dont think the figures on the accurate website is accurate lol
    2. holy cow
      holy cow
      John: Good day. On the right coast. Spoke to Acid Rod in California. Didn't get his name. He told me that United Composite probably do made Spinal blanks. We discussed the Zeus rods. They are 6 or more inches shorter that what Spinal offers at 6'-0"+/-. Acid Rod guy said if the butt is .125+/-" larger than the Zeus, then the blanks could very well be the same blank. Just cut 6". Plus I do remember Paul at JPROD posted the original Zeus at 6'. What I am getting to is there any reason for me to get the Spinal 200 over the Zeus 2 and cut the blank a bit different? I am inferring Zeus 2 has cut 6" off the butt? Both tips are the same. Thank you John. Dan Dugan
    3. oilpatch
      Kinda ironic you call em out gets quite as as a church house mouse huh? I get banned but hell with it I just go bloody decks.
    4. Ron Z
      Ron Z
      Everybody got tuna today, all sizes, off chatem. . We were startin to worry;)
    5. elsyd
      Thanks. Now that im kind of working out how to use my ipad and this site I will contribute more pics
      cheers Sydney
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