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    1. d-a
      I can't get one. Som makes some reduced capacity spools for the smaller reels so keep that in mind when looking for one
    2. d-a
      Dan it will fit. Would look good on the old girl. Plus give you an extra spool.
    3. JerseyBrian
      I will send a Money order for the shipping charges! Thanks Dan!
    4. JerseyBrian
      Brian Pyun
      2 Canterbury Lane
      New Milford, NJ 07646

      Please let me know the final cost Dan!

      what is your paypal address?
    5. JerseyBrian
      Hey Dan,

      Do you have anything that the rod will be able to ship out in? If not, I'll just come and pick it up. Not really trying to bother you with this. Are you free next sunday?
    6. holy cow
    7. ReelFeva
      Hey Dan, I got the rod today. Looks great! I can't wait to bend that beauty next week. I'm just swamped with getting stuff ready for the guys trips with the wounded warriors project. I'll send you some pics when I get a chance to ight or tomorrow shoot me you email address!


      By the way Dan your box is full so clear some space!!
    8. JerseyBrian
      See what happens when you ASSume? :) Anyways, do you still have the plastic PVC tube or something the rod was shipped in. By the looks of it, it'll be cheaper for me just to have the rod shipped to me instead of driving 230 miles and spending $50-$60 on gas
    9. JerseyBrian
      Hi Dan

      I made Madday sell the rods that ReelFEVA and MGB ended up buying cuz I wanted my rod so badly and shipping would be cheaper if he sold more rods to the states. Why you would assume I would cut someone's legs underneath them for a fishing rod is mindboggling bro. Have you ever seen me do such a thing in the last 5 years? :( Just don't know why you'd think that of me .... that's sad

      Anyway, if the rod is that your house in DE, I'll have to swing by at some point to pick it up. It's about a 2.5hr drive each way so I'll have to see where and when I can fit driving down to you, into my schedule. I will let you know.

    10. holy cow
      holy cow
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