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    1. MixedGreyBeard
      thx for the Like Bro...
    2. Chris Alex
      Chris Alex
      Thanks for your prompt response Syd. Like you I am into long rods - I also have a custom Giant 86 RS and LOVE it, so much power and yet loads almost effortlessly when casting, I am waiting for a PD 105, and as regards the Raging bull I wanted the XR-2 but can't find it right now (was that also your case or did you really prefer the xr-1?)hence my question to you - you have no regrets with that rod and that reassures me. By the way 4 ounce is roughly 120 so you answered my question. regards Chris
    3. elsyd
      That still helps me out
      If i wanted to target good yellow-fin tuna and sleep in good comfort because of the wife. Where should I go
      cheers sydney
    4. Ripplefisher
      Hi Elsyd,

      Thanks for your message.

      No, I am not a charter guide, just a very keen fisherman like a lot of other guys, but I have been lucky in that I have travelled a bit with work, and trying damn hard to fish as many and as varied places as possible, fresh and salt..

      Later this year trips to PEI in pursuit of giant bluefin, and then Latham Island in Tanzania for swords and dogtooth, then next year Panama for roosters / cubera's / YFT etc, Lake Guri in VZ for pea**** and payara, and later La Zona for golden dorado..then need to hit a pacific blue marlin destination, as its the only billfish I need for my royal slam..

      Lovley sport, isn't it..? ;-)

      Tight lines, Marc.
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