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    1. NBorg
      Hello Austin, I recently upgraded my account status to become a sponsor and my profile still shows me a member? I am wondering if you know why this is showing up like this or if there is anything I need to do to complete the membership upgrade?
    2. Fish Buster
      Fish Buster
      Hello Austin, I just logged in using a proxy. For some weird reason every time I try to open the 360tuna website I am told my IP has been banned and not allowed access. I do not remember ever doing anything against the rules. In fact when I joined and was accessing 360tuna, I was living at a different place, hence my IP also changed. Kindly look into it and if you need my current IP address, PM me. Thanks
    3. Thomasfishing
      Hi Austin. I know I been gone for a while, but I tried posting something in the for sale section but I got this little icon to me that said "moderated"? Can you help me with this. Thank you in advance.
    4. stingofish
      Austin, I have never participated actively in these forums... but a post that someone posted about my close outs is yielding good results. How much is the cost to sponsor the forum? The company is very small right now so budgets are tight but if the price is right I would be interested.
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